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Friday, August 31, 2012

Thanks To Goodreads Members, & A Special Offer!

I just completed a giveaway offer over at Goodreads and it was a kick to watch people enter for their chance to win a copy of my novel. Yes, yes, everyone likes something for free, but going to the site and noting, "Oh, 143 people want my book," and then, "Oh, 218," soon becomes muttering, "Oh - 307," and then "Cool. 386," and finally becomes, "Wow," and then, finally, a silent grin.

And, well. You can't beat silent grins.

So as I start off on this quest to build a voice and a fanbase, even if most of the entries were just people looking for a free book, I've still got the silent grin on my face, so...

If you're arriving here from Goodreads and checking out my site for the first time, welcome! If you were one of the lucky winners, congratulations!
And even if you're not, don't leave yet! I've got a special offer for you! If you go to the 'Store' page now - you can purchase a signed, paperback copy of _The Vanilla Gigolo Prescription at a 30% discount, for $10.49 + tax & shipping/handling.

$10.49. That's pretty good, isn't it?
The offer's limited, so make sure to get over to the store soon! If you decide to take a chance on me and The Vanilla Gigolo Prescription, maybe your $10.49 (+ tax & shipping/handling) will get you a silent grin all your own.

Thanks again!