"All the time I'm not writing I feel like a criminal." -Fran Lebowitz

Presidential Suite

Coming Fall 2013

"Odds are, it's gonna be a closer horse race than you think."
Opinions vary as to what makes a great American President. Academics, pundits, and average citizens ponder what leadership qualities separate Thomas Jefferson from Warren G. Harding, the cool during a crisis that puts Teddy Roosevelt ahead of Chester A. Arthur. Debate rages about who was the greatest President in United States history.

Next spring, that debate will be settled once and for all. What's more, the debate will be settled hilariously and mellifluously.

In M.V.P., the best of all the men who have led the United States have gathered in Las Vegas, the most American of cities, to compete in a pageant. Using only their records, their accomplishments, and their wits, these great American Presidents all have one wish - to win the title of "Most Valuable President" of them all.

Who will take the crown? Will it be:

Abraham Lincoln - the heavy favorite, the man whose exaltation by the nation has almost become too much of a burden to bear?
George Washington - the one who started it all, the "Father of His Country" who now chafes against his newfound status as the also-ran?
Thomas Jefferson - the intellectual who looks back upon his contributions to American History as complicated, and not without a large measure of regret?

Or will a long shot ("Jackson!? TR!? JFK?!") emerge from nowhere to disrupt the proceedings and snatch the title?

As the curtain to this unprecedented event draws near, the Presidents realize that their quest for glory comes with unexpected trials and tribulations, trials and tribulations that will put their leadership to the test.

With beautiful music by David P. Johnson, and a witty script full of twists and turns by Matthew Hoffman & William Norrett, M.V.P. deals with the idea of what it means to be an American President, the value of glory, and the question of what one sacrifices to obtain both.

Check this page for further updates and the production approaches. And make sure you get your money down!