"All the time I'm not writing I feel like a criminal." -Fran Lebowitz

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Someone once said of William Norrett's work:  “Imagine Mark Twain walks into a bar and has a beer with Albert Brooks. All of a sudden, Woody Allen leaps out and stabs both of them in the neck, before killing himself. Well, the paramedic who fucks their corpses in the ambulance on the way to the morgue, that’s William Norrett.”
All right, so it was actually William Norrett who said that about William Norrett. It was in a one-act play William Norrett wrote a few years back, entitled, “Wake”.
The arrogance, huh?
William Norrett has written, directed and acted in several plays, short films and fiction in the past. We at this website, The Sophisticated Rogue, hope to detail these for you and inform you of the work William Norrett does in the future.
Yeah, yeah: so what? We know: arrogant.  But keep those words in your mind: past, future. Those concepts become important soon.
Sure, William Norrett compared himself to some legendary writers. To put it in context, however, William Norrett made said comparison in a play that was taking the piss out of William Norrett’s own work. Besides, to be fair, any arrogance that can be attributed to William Norrett comparing himself, even implicitly or ironically, to three of the greatest humorists in American history obscures the fact that in this allegory, William Norrett allows Mark Twain and Albert Brooks to have a beer together.
Now, it’s safe to conclude that, had they enjoyed a beer together, Mark Twain and Albert Brooks would’ve said some pretty cool shit. That is, before Woody Allen (nee Allan Stewart Konigsberg) murdered them. Who knows, in the time two men can enjoy a beer before having their respective jugular veins punctured, they might have been able to outline a hilarious short story, sketched out a film treatment for a sure-fire comedy hit, or at least made super-acerbic-yet-insightful fun of the bartender who, quite frankly, probably had an attitude. That would've been pretty cool.
Another conclusion MUST be reached: given that in the allegory that Mark Twain and Albert Brooks had a beer together, one can only conclude that time travel exists.
Wikipedia that shit:  Mark Twain (nee Samuel Clemens) passed away April 21, 1910. Albert Brooks (nee Albert Einstein) was born July 22, 1947. What’s more, Albert Brooks (nee Albert Einstein) could not legally drink a beer, or any form of alcoholic beverage, until July 22, 1968 (California’s legal drinking age has always been 21).
Mark Twain and Albert Brooks could not have enjoyed a beer together - it would have been impossible for them to enjoy a beer together – without time travel.
Dude. Time travel.
So, in William Norrett’s writing, the possibility of time travel exists.
Which means that yeah, William Norrett may be arrogant, but he’s also an optimist.
Sure, the allegory also accuses him of being a necrophiliac.
In truth, he’s none of these things.
We hope you enjoy the website.