"All the time I'm not writing I feel like a criminal." -Fran Lebowitz

Thursday, February 9, 2017

OHO - Post-Production Update

Happy February, everyone. 2016 is a distant memory. Okay, maybe not. But it is a memory. Now that the groundhog has seen his shadow and cursed us with six more weeks of winter, Tom Brady has cemented his legacy as the GOAT and sent most NFL fans cursing, and “Does he own a bathrobe?” has become a question by which we define all past and future American Presidents (Bill curses), it’s time for another update on One Hour Outcall. Briefly or otherwise, I’m hoping to keep you all posted as we progress towards having a completed film.

As I mentioned in the last update, we’ve screened a first rough-cut of the film. The creative brain trust was unanimous in feeling it was a tremendous start. I grew quite excited watching, as I realized, “Hey, this is a thing, this is coming together.” Our editor Sam Hook is working on the next cut now, as we move forward You can see from Sam’s apartment walls the roller-coaster map and index cards are shaping up the cut. We’re hoping to have that cut completed by month’s end. We’ll screen it again and that’s when we’ll start really diving down into the dirt, trying to shape it into the best movie it can be. Everyone’s pumped to keep the momentum moving on One Hour Outcall.

And this is where we need your help again. Many of you were tremendous in contributing during pre-production and principal photography to helping get One Hour Outcall into the can. Now that we’re into 2017, and have shaken off the post-2016 rust, we’re in post-production, we can see the finish line for a film we’ll be proud of, and I’m hoping you’ll be willing to asset us in reaching that finish line. I’m re-opening up our GoFundMe campaign, trying to raise $5,000 to help us complete the movie. Those dollars will go to:

-continued editing of the film, shaping it from the first cut to the final cut.

-sound design

-completing color correction, essential to establish the look that we want for the piece

-music, an underrated aspect of all movies

-preparing the marketing and publicity for the film, as we attempt to find One Hour Outcall an audience

If you’ve contributed already, know that I appreciate it, know that your help has gotten us this far, and please consider helping out just a bit more. If you haven’t contributed yet, please consider it, know that many people needed to see that One Hour Outcall was becoming a reality before they felt comfortable assisting us, and understand how grateful I’ll be. Please go over to our campaign page at and toss some change in the hat. We’re extremely close to getting there. Any amount would go a long way towards us getting this home.

Thanks for considering it.  Forget the groundhog, forget Tom Brady, forget that dude without a bathrobe. Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

OHO Update - 01.18.2017

Just a brief update on One Hour Outcall.

(dramatic pause)

(trumpets blare) 

(dramatic pause)

We have a cut of the film.

It’s just the first cut. It’s only a rough cut at this point. So it’s the beginning. But when we screened it last week, even knowing that we were only just starting a process that will take time, while I watched occasionally the thought popped into my head, “Hey. Look at this. This is shaping up, here. We’re putting together a movie, here. This is becoming a thing, here.” Each part of the journey has a beginning and an ending, and watching the cut seemed somewhat like an ending and a beginning at once. A cut of One Hour Outcall exists. Another milestone reached. It’s shaping up. Watching the cut felt good.

Watching the cut felt surreal, as well. Some of you have watched our teaser trailer and commented that it’s weird to watch me onscreen. Suffice to say, it’s weirder for me than it is for you. I get trapped in my own brain that’s trapped in the actor’s brain, the actor who is me, then I remind myself that it’s me, to get out of my own head, and then I wonder, “Who’s head am I in? Mine right here, watching, or the head of the guy I’m watching, who’s me?” and then my heads are buzzing and I want a cup of chamomile tea. So I needed tea last week, for sure.

But despite the surreality, watching the cut felt good. Sam Hook, our editor, did a fantastic job and we all acknowledged, it’s a great start. The look of the film is already terrific. The tone of the scenes are unique, intricate, and compelling. The inability to judge myself aside, the performances are great. The film felt real. Not just as a piece, but as a process. It felt like another step towards creating something good and interesting and something people will enjoy. I’m proud of the work we’ve done already so far.

Again, there’s more to be done. Post-production is a process in itself. Our next step is to continue editing, shaping the film, getting it to picture lock. Then comes color correction, sound design, music, and everything else. So we’re a ways off. We still need your help. Please continue to consider contributing to the film - I’ll be renewing my pitch in a week or so to help us get to the finish line.

But it’s shaping up. It’s becoming a thing. We’re closer. Each step gets more and more exciting. I need a cup of tea.