"All the time I'm not writing I feel like a criminal." -Fran Lebowitz


Brendan O'Lenihan Leaves Three Daughters
"One of you is going to inherit your father's gift."

In Brendan O'Lenihan Leaves Three Daughters, three acerbic, intelligent Irish-American sisters reconnect at the wake and funeral of their father, the famous reclusive author of Clidna's Waving, the novel that captured the imagination and sparked the speculation of America in the 1980s. At first reluctant to pay homage to a man who neglected them for his art when they were growing up, the sisters find themselves intrigued by a mysterious stranger who claims to carry their father's final instructions. This stranger reveals that one of the women stands to receive a very unique inheritance. Initially skeptical, the sisters become manipulative and even more sarcastic than usual in their quest for a potentially life- changing reward. Funny and scathing, Brendan O'Lenihan Leaves Three Daughters makes statements about literature, artistic influence, and a woman's individuality.

Produced at the Underground Annex Theater in Hollywood, CA, running from March 4th through March 27th, 2011. Starring Matthew Hoffman, Ken MacFarlane, Douglas Myers, Bethany Orr, Jonica Patella, William Christopher Stephens, and Jana Wimer. Directed by Alison Cardoso. Assistant Director: Dara Osborne.

The Dealer Was Showing Six
"If murder were legal one day per many years would you survive?"

When two couples, one married and the other considering it, join each other for a fun weekend in Vegas, both relationships are tested. With dark comedy and acerbic dialogue, The Dealer Was Showing Six explores commitment, the implications of cleaning one's Internet History, and the consequences of granting a partner one "free infidelity" per year.

Produced at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre in North Hollywood, CA, running from May 26th through June 17th, 2006. Starring Johanna Denis, Jaclyn Friedlander, Greg Kaczynski, Mona King, Vaughn Mouton, Candida Rodriguez, and Jason Stafford. Directed by William Norrett.

The Sophisticated Rogue
"Hey. Pencil. Herman Melville couldn't come up with me in a wet dream if he'd eaten spicy food that night for dinner."

On the eve of producing a
play, a neurotic writer is forced into a custody battle with his
ex-girlfriend over a churlish fictional character, The Sophisticated Rogue. Termed a Critic's Pick and a "delightful exploration" by BackstageWest, and "quite enjoyable" by the LAWeekly, this witty comedy deals with the complications of a relationship on an artist's work.

Produced at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre in North Hollywood, CA, running from December 3rd through December 18th, 2005. Starring Jordana Berliner, Michael Blomgren, Dina Buglione, Tracie Cisneros, Cynthia Convey, Denise Devin, Renie Rivas, Cynthia Rodriguez, Josh T. Ryan, and Anne Stinnett. Directed by William Norrett.