"All the time I'm not writing I feel like a criminal." -Fran Lebowitz

Friday, September 30, 2016

OHO Update - September 30, 2016

If I had to list the ten things in life that give me joy, I’m not sure what those ten things would be, or if I could even reach ten things. I know, however, that sitting around a circle with a group of actors listening to them speak my words for the first time would be on the list. Probably somewhere on the list below “sex” yet above “espresso gelato.”

I love table reads. They're relaxed, but also official. They're the first chance for everyone to look around the circle and say, "This is the team that's putting this together." It's printed scripts, highlighted roles, cold reading. It's the first time the script is "up on its feet." It's the first time the script comes to life, even if it's a casual way - with the cold reading being cold...

Next Tuesday will be the first two table reads of One Hour Outcall. In the morning, the read will be the actor cast to play the female lead and me. Given that the two of us go head-to-head for half of the script, it makes sense to have a separate read with just the two of us reading those scenes. So that’s not quite a circle, but still, something that I’m eager to experience. I’m nervous about matching up with the actor’s talent, excited to see how the story flows and intrigued as to whether or not I can write “straight” dialogue, as with One Hour Outcall I challenged myself to write without relying on witty banter. 

Tuesday afternoon, the entire major cast (and most of the full cast) will arrive, and we’ll do the whole script. That’s the circle part. While I’m always nervous about how the words sound out loud for the first time, and confident I’ll hear a thousand things I want to rewrite, the circle part is always fun. Always fun.

Yeah. Definitely on the list. Maybe I'll celebrate with gelato.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

OHO Update - September 24, 2016

I am pleased to announce that all the major roles for One Hour Outcall have been cast. It's a very, very talented group of artists with only one weak link - the dude who wrote the script.

Hey, that's me! Uh-oh.

Seriously, filling the final primary role was a thrill, and definitely has me excited for what's to come.

There are several other roles still left to be cast, however. So if you're an actor looking to participate in One Hour Outcall, keep paying attention to this blog for more information and updates.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

OHO Update - September 22, 2016

A brief update on where the production's at...

Pre-production continues apace on One Hour Outcall. We are still finalizing the cast, which is shaping up to be terrific. The final major role should be set by week’s end. We are in the final stages of breaking out my script and establishing a schedule. We are working on obtaining locations and raising the funds...

…which brings me to my next plea to you folks. We have begun assembling contributions for the budget, and things are going well. But we still need your help. People have fretted that their contribution is too small, which is silly. No contribution is too small, and any donation you make towards this film touches my heart. Everyone has been so supportive of the quest to make One Hour Outcall a reality that I’m genuinely moved and thankful for everyone’s faith in me. 

So if you want to help, please contact me directly at I appreciate your even considering it.

Also, since we’re an independent production and could use any and all the help we can get from any direction, I wanted to let everyone know about the two primary locations we need, so if anyone has any suggestions, get in touch with me ASAP. The locations are:

An upscale, urbane apartment - something that is sophisticated and large. It doesn't have to be huge, but it can't be small. An open loft would be perfect. We would need the location for two weeks in November.
A restaurant - again, something upscale. Doesn’t have to be ’21’ but can’t be Denny’s. Preferably with a bar area as well. We would need this location for one week in November.

If you have any ideas, contacts, suggestions - shoot me an email.

Things are moving. If you’re reading this, you’re supporting us already. So thanks.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

OHO - September 8, 2016 Update

One Hour Outcall wrapped up its rounds of auditions on Friday and Tuesday. First off, T. and I want to thank all of the people who came in to read for a role. Everyone was so prepared, professional, and talented. In my limited experience holding auditions, I’m comfortable with them quickly running behind and turning into a cluster. I’m uncomfortable, however, with everyone being so tolerant with me when such inefficiency invariably happens. My biggest fear with auditions is that no one will show up. My second biggest fear is that people will storm out when things run late. Despite my fretting about keeping people waiting, I had a lot of fun. It was terrific to begin hearing the script read aloud by people other than me. However, I always manage to hear all of the bad writing I’ve perpetrated as a cacophony in my ears, and mentally noting all of the mistakes (513 and counting!) that I want to fix.

Aside from my own neuroses, it’s a pleasure to see how actors interpret my work. It was also my first chance to do some acting opposite potential scene partners, and no one threw anything at me unless their character was actually supposed to; it is meant to happen occasionally in this story. So that was fun. Memorizing lines, and the knowledge of how many I still have to memorize as things proceed - (sigh).

T. and I have some tough choices to make, but we’re committed to making them soon as we move forward. We’re hoping to have One Hour Outcall cast (all right, mostly cast) by early next week. No doubt having a cast more fleshed out will increase the momentum we’re building during pre-production, and I’m especially excited about all the talented people who are going to join us. Check back here for updates on that, and if you’re one of the actors who join the cast, be sure to start directing your people here and spreading the word about the project on social media.

Reminder: the film's Twitter handle is: @OHOfilm. Be our third follower!

Fundraising continues. People so far are very generous and supportive, but we’ve just begun and we've got a way to go, so if you’re interested in contributing, please let me know on Facebook, via email (, approaching me on the street, or however to let me know and we can talk about it. Please accept my thanks for your patience in hearing my pitch. Any contribution would help. Any help would help. It would mean a lot to me, not only for this production but as a sign that you’ve enjoyed my work in the past and like the voice I’ve been creating.

I’ll update you again next week, hopefully introducing you to some cast members, letting you know some prop/location assistance I could use, and announcing that the increased lack of sleep is affecting me only moderately.

Thanks for reading.