"All the time I'm not writing I feel like a criminal." -Fran Lebowitz

Thursday, October 27, 2016

OHO - Project Update 10.27.16

So, apologies for not posting updates for a while. I’ve been joking that if I manage to produce an independent feature film in Los Angeles without a car, in the year 2016 with only an iPhone 4S, I would deserve a Nobel Prize. Well, for the past few weeks, tack onto those obstacles me being sick. Since the beginning of October, I’ve been tagged with the same vague, crappy cough, nasal congestion, and fatigue that seems to have afflicted half of this city. Combined with dieting to lose weight, walking everywhere, and a general stress level that comes with trying to make One Hour Outcall, I’ve been pretty run-down and thus trying to conserve my energy.

“Your excuses are your own,” you’re most likely saying. And indeed, you are correct. I wanted to document the process of making this film not only for myself but for those of you who support me, so now that I’m feeling pretty much 100% again, I’m determined to post more often and keep you informed of One Hour Outcall’s progress. I'm going to start trying to give brief, daily updates here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. So keep checking this blog.

And there has been much progress. As there would have to be, as principal photography starts on Monday, November 7th. In other words, in ten days. Ten days. Yikes. Over the past couple of years, my concept of time has grown muddled - a day passes and immediately hyper-spaces into the distant past. So as filming approaches, a day comes and goes and disappears, as I try to focus on the here and now, and what things I can accomplish at that moment. So the progress doesn’t feel so much like progress as knocking things down, checking things off my list, then forgetting about them as I move on to the next to-do item. The list never seems to get smaller, however.

But the checks next to the to-do items are growing. Two weeks ago, we held our “table read” of the script with most of the speaking cast. It went quite well. I’m quite impressed with everyone in our cast, and am excited to continue to watch them work. I believe we’ve cast the primary characters perfectly, and each of them has cool stuff to say. The actors are all engaged, enthusiastic, and professional. A talented bunch.

Last week, we held specific rehearsals between the female lead and me - four straight days of work, going through half of the script. Again, this went quite well. As her character and mine are locked in an apartment waging verbal battle for half the movie, it’s imperative that the two of us work well together. After a week of rehearsing, I’m just hoping I’m able to keep up with her. She’s a charming, gregarious, actor full of questions and insights on her character. It’s going to be a challenge to hold my own as we conduct our apartment battle.

As for the apartment, well, we have it! I’ve been stressing getting this primary location for a few weeks now, so it was a huge check-off when we finally nailed it down last week. It’s a funky space in downtown L.A., a character in the film itself, and I’m excited because now we have both major locations, the apartment and the restaurant. We also have beads on the other, lesser locations. Check, check, check.

We’re crewing up nicely. People have expressed enthusiasm about the script, and are already growing passionate about this project. It’s heartening to have people, both known and unknown to you, agree to participate in helping bring your work to fruition alone, let alone offer to pitch in and help for little tangible reward. Trying to produce a micro-budget independent film is a challenging ordeal, so any and all help from anyone in any form is a godsend.

Which brings me to my gentle nag, for which I apologize in advance. Though we’ve raised a considerable amount of the budget, we still need your help. We’re going to get One Hour Outcall made in the best form we can, and to do so, we could use any and all assistance. If you’ve expressed interest in contributing, now’s the time to deliver. Please contact me, and I’ll explain how to proceed. If you’ve not expressed interest yet, please take a moment to consider it. Any contribution would be a welcome help, a step towards getting us over the hump, a movement towards making One Hour Outcall a reality.

Ten days until principal photography. Although I won’t deny that stress inhabits most of my brain, I have to confess, excitement and joy are starting to rent space there too.

I’ll keep you posted.