"All the time I'm not writing I feel like a criminal." -Fran Lebowitz

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A VGP Review & My First On-Line Interview...

A belated Happy New Year, everyone. A couple of developments on The Vanilla Gigolo Prescription front. First, Candi at the blog acrimereadersblog was kind enough to post of review of the novel, one which was certainly nice to wake up to on a Sunday morning. Also, I participated in my first online interview with Mandy for her website withfivequestions - where I tried to strike the perfect balance between "serious analysis" and "self-deprecating wit." Go check it out and then let me know how far off I was...

Now, I know you've been a little distracted reading this post. And I know what you're worried about. You're worried:

"This Amazon gift card I got for Christmas/Hanukkah that's cluttering up my wallet. What on Earth am I going to use that on?"

Well, I'm here to help. The Vanilla Gigolo Prescription is available there in paperback and on Kindle. It's a great way to use your gift, support the arts, and clean up the clutter in your wallet. And don't worry, using a gift card is almost like not supporting me directly at all. You can always tell someone who spots the book deep in your closet, "Ugh. I got that as a gift, dude."

Hope to be posting more often as the weeks go by, updating you all on M.V.P. developments and other artistic sundries. Now. Throw out your Christmas tree or menorah*, already.

*Only if it's made of pine needles...