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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

OHO - Update and Job Opportunities

Pre-production continues apace for One Hour Outcall. Auditions are set for this Friday, September 2nd, and the slots are filling up fast. If you’re interested, please read below posts for more information and contact me directly to make an appointment.

Fundraising for the project is ongoing, and people have begun graciously contributing. We’ll need all the help we can get to bring One Hour Outcall to fruition, so if you’ve got a mind to assist the project, by all means, let me know - any financial contribution would be welcome. I’ll be continuing to ask for your assistance, and I appreciate your consideration.

In addition to the budget, we are starting to crew up the film. We’re looking to form a tight unit to create a real guerrilla independent film, so we need people who have enthusiasm and energy. This is a script I’m quite proud of, and I feel can really be an interesting project on which to work. Regardless of your experience, if you’re interested in working with us in any of the below positions, email me directly at

The positions currently open are:

-Director of Photography
-Sound Designer
-Hair & Makeup Artist
-Boom Operator/Grip
-Production Assistants (including anyone who can begin work during pre-production, who may serve as a grip and/or be able to cook)

Again, this is an independent film and we’re looking for a can-do attitude, initiative, and energy. Production is tentatively slated for late October through mid-November. If you’re interested, shoot me an email, and please pass along to anyone you feel might be willing to work with us. Thanks!