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Friday, October 19, 2012

Questions Will Be Answered

Have you ever wondered:
Who would win in a debate: Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy?
Who would win in a fight, George Washington or Teddy Roosevelt?
Who’s got the prettier singing voice: Thomas Jefferson or Richard Nixon?
Well, if you HAVE, M.V.P. has got your answers, and if you HAVEN’T, c’mon, you’re wondering NOW, so see “Well, if you HAVE...” Help us raise the money needed to stage the world premiere of this hilarious musical next spring:
Our campaign is off and running, but we need your help. Early pledges bring us to the attention of Indiegogo’s artificial intelligence, its secret-sauce algorithm, which gets M.V.P.’s campaign more prominently placed on the site, which gets it more pledges, and on and on, the circle and so forth! The circle!
We’re offering a lot of great swag for each pledge level - get in on it and support what’s sure to be a great production! Thanks!